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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Pocket Scales

The digital pocket scale is ideal for many applications though they appear to be the most popular in many kitchens and jewelry stores. These small scales can measure weights of up to 11 pounds. 

Whether you are on the go and need a scale with accurate measurement or a scale you can use every day, pocket scales are the most ideal. A small digital scale can be handy in a variety of situations.

With so many products on the market, it may appear that finding the best one is an impossible task. However, we are confident that you will find the best digital pocket scales that match your needs if you follow our advice.

If you are looking for the best digital scale, look at these picks of the best digital pocket scales in 2022. We have put together this list based on the following criteria: size, units of measurement, number of weighing modes, functionality, ease of calibration, ease of use, extra features, and price. Look here if you need the Best Milligram Scales.

TLDR – Best Milligram Scales of 2023


Best Digital Milligram Scale

LanSheng Digital Pocket Scale
200g capacity, 0.01g precision, battery-powered, calibration weight, and a plastic cover that doubles as a tray.

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Smart Weigh GEM20 High Precision Digital Milligram Scale

Runner Up

Smart Weigh GEM20 Precision Digital Milligram Scale
20g capacity, 0.001g accuracy, calibration weights, tweezers, measurement tray, metal body, backlit LCD.

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NEWACALOX Digital-milligram-scales

Premium Compact Milligram Scale

NEWACALOX Rechargeable Milligram Scale
100g capacity, 0.001g accuracy, battery or USB powered, premium grey body, compact design.

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Digital Pocket Scales

Cheap Digital Milligram Scale

RASSE Digital Milligram Pocket Scale
50g capacity, 0.001g accuracy, calibration weight, battery-powered, cheapest milligram scale

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Portable Lab Scales

KUBEI USB Rechargeable Digital Milligrams Scale
100g capacity, 0.001g accuracy, USB rechargeable, calibration weight, draft cover, weight tray

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General Purpose Digital Pocket Scales

This set of digital pocket scales is not remarkably accurate, but they are adequate for most purposes. General-use digital scales are perfect for individuals who want a device that works perfectly without regular calibration.

 Similarly, if you are searching for a small kitchen scale, workshop scale, or device that is portable and easy to use, these devices are ideal for you.

Our Top Pick – SWS100 Digital Pocket Scale

Digital Pocket Scales

The smart weigh SWS 100 Elite Digital Pocket Scale is durable, strong, and ideal for weighing small objects with precision. This portable scale measures only about 5 x 0.8 X 3 inches.

It has a black body and features a stainless-steel weighing surface and a bright backlit LCD. It has a 3.5oz/100 grams capacity and can measure in 0.01g increments.

It displays weight in four modes: ounces, grams, carats, and grains. The scale is simple, making weighing tasks more efficient and convenient.

The tare function helps determine the net weight of your product by subtracting the weight of your bowl. The scale is factory-calibrated, but there are instructions for calibrating the plate if you need to recalibrate it. After 60 seconds of inactivity, the scale will shut down automatically. This scale is perfect if you require a small, compact, high-precision digital pocket scale.


  • Compact
  • Protective cover
  • The stainless-steel platform is too clean.
  • Tare function
  • There are numerous weighing modes available


  • Calibration might be required


Capacity3.5oz / 100g
FunctionsTare, Unit Switching, Backlit LCD
Supported Unitsgram, ounces, grain, and carat
Power2xAAA Batteries

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Next Best – AWS 600 Pocket Scales

American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK

This might be the most affordable scale that you can buy. For under $10, you can get a portable lightweight scale with a 600-gram capacity in 0.1g increments, perfect for measuring medicine, and supplements.

It has an intuitive design with a 5-digit LED display and a 3-button weighing mode control unit that allows for measurements in grains, carats, grams, and ounces.

Although it comes pre-calibrated, there is an optional calibration weight that we highly recommend you purchase. It comes with a Tare feature and a 10-year warranty.

It has over 8K reviews on Amazon averaging out to 4.4 stars so it’s clearly a popular item so maybe we’re being unfair. That said, we couldn’t help but notice that the first reviews on the listing were all negative.


Capacity600g / 21oz
Accuracy0.1g / 0.005oz
FunctionsTare, Unit Switching, Backlit LCD
Supported Unitsg / oz / ozt / dwt
Power2xAAA Batteries

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Digital Milligram Scales

Keep in mind that a milligram is 1/1000 of a gram. Really small. Do you really need that level of precision? If so, then just know that short of an analytical lab scale costing thousands of dollars, most scales won’t be able to reliably measure to that level of precision despite what they may claim. However, they should be able to measure out to 0.1g or even 0.01g.

The first two scales we have here are two with a low capacity, but because of the smaller capacity, they are very accurate. Perfect for jewelry, spices, CBD, or other tasks like reloading ammunition that require high precision at a smaller scale.

How to use your milligram pocket scale

If you need very precise measurements, be sure to measure at room temperature on a flat surface with a draft shield if possible to prevent air currents from altering your readings. Keep in mind that, short of using very expensive scientific lab scales, most scales won’t be able to reliably provide accurate readings under 100mgs/0.1g

WAOW Digital Milligram Scale

precision pocket scale

For those who don’t necessarily need a large amount of weighing capacity, but rather a precise and accurate scale good for weighing small items like jewelry, the WAOW Digital Jewelry scale may be just the thing.

It can weigh up to 100 grams in increments of 0.001 grams/ 0.1gn. Now, take this with a grain of salt because typically only lab scales costing thousands of dollars offer that level of precision because typically only scientists need accuracy down to that level.

Design: Nevertheless, it’s equipped with a draft shield to prevent air currents and comes with everything you need: a weighing pan, tweezers, and a calibration weight. Not bad for a very affordable scale.

Features: It has a tare feature to ensure you get NET readings, PCS,  a HOLD function to lock in your weight readings, auto shut off, and can count in any number of units including carats, ounces, and grams.

Capacity: Since it can weigh up to 100g, it could even work for weighing heavier jewelry such as gold and gemstones.


Capacity100g / 3.5oz
FunctionsTare, calibration, unit switching, backlit LCD
Supported Unitsg / oz / ozt / ct / gn / dwt
Power2xAAA Batteries

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Fuzion Mini Digital Pocket Scale

Digital Pocket Scales

This is another great choice for jewelers as this small, lightweight scale can measure up to 50g in increments of 0.001g, perfect for diamonds, carats, powder, medicine, nutritionists, and more.

It has a protective lid and a bright blue backlit display and is equipped with 4 easy to operate buttons that allow you to MODE switch between measurement units including carats, grams, ounces, and grains.

It comes with a calibration weight, tweezers, and a container tray. It has an auto shut-off feature that kicks in after 180 seconds to conserve battery life.


Capacity50g / 1.7oz
FunctionsTare, calibration, unit switching, backlit LCD
Supported Unitsg, oz, ozt, swt, ct, gn
Power2xAAA Batteries

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American Weigh Scales GEMINI 20  

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale

Design: A sleek and stainless steel finish LCD display, 4 easy-to-use buttons, and a protective see-through lid to protect the surface from damage and air current.

It comes with a handy tray for measuring items, tweezers, and a calibration weight for ensuring long-term accuracy.

Features: 4 buttons allow you to control the units of mass, tare feature, and power (on/off)

It can weigh in 1 milligram/0.001g increments (which is doubtful for a non-lab-scale, not to mention a scale at this price) and measures in several weight units: carats, grams, ounces, and grains, allowing you to measure anything from supplements, food, spices, and jewelry to medicine and alternative medicine.


Capacity20g / 0.7oz
FunctionsTare, calibration, unit switching, backlit LCD
Supported Unitsgrams, grains, ounces, carats, troy ounces, pennyweight
Power2xAAA Batteries

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Things to Consider when selecting a digital pocket scale

To make looking for a digital scale easier we have broken down the thing you should quickly think about to make the best decision.

1. TARE Feature

The tare feature means if you place your item in a bowl, the scale will account for its weight and show you the importance of the item alone rather than the bowl + item.

You want your scale to have tare capabilities that allow you to reset the scale to zero to include external surfaces or numerous elements on the same surface. Each one of the scales listed below has the tare feature.

2. Features

You would have to consider what you would be measuring and which pocket scale features are more helpful. Portable digital scales have various features such as covers that double as measurement trays, backlit screens, and inverted color screens.

There are pocket scales that can count the number of objects with the same weight. This particular feature is essential for measuring several items with the same weight, such as beads.

Some digital pocket scales come with an expansion lid for measuring large objects and a low battery indicator to know when you have a low battery.

3. Accuracy

Find a product that is almost 100 percent accurate. Accuracy remains the most significant aspect to consider before a pocket weight scale. Select a device that measures in small increments, one-hundredth of a gram.

4. Size

It will help if you search for the most miniature pocket scale available. However, the size of the items you can weigh would be limited unless it has an expansion lid.

5. Maximum Capacity

The amount of weight that a digital pocket scale can weigh is not infinite. You may want to select a device that weighs a large amount at the expense of accuracy. It is pretty much left for you to decide. However, you may want a device that measures many items with high accuracy.

6. Simplicity

Look out for a scale that is simple to use. Scales are precision instruments, and how well you can use your scale impacts obtaining accurate results. Select a digital scale pocket scale that requires too many buttons to turn on or off.

7. Calibration

Select a digital pocket scale that does not require calibration regularly. Check out customer reviews to find out about this information.

8. Display

Choose a device with an easy-to-read display. It should come with varying light levels.

9. Durability

Look out for a pocket scale that feels and appears to be of high quality. Regular use and travel will result in wear and tear whether the device is in a sturdy case or not. As a result, ensure you purchase a device that does not appear to be fragile.

10. Accessories

Some digital pocket scales come with accessories such as bowls and pans that you can use to weigh items. You may also find pocket scales with tweezers that make placing delicate items on the scale easier.

If you know you would be weighing items outside, then it’s best to look for a device with a windshield.


Hopefully, you found the digital pocket scale that meets your needs. There are a lot out there so finding quality scales for a good price can be a challenge.

Please share this article if you found it useful and if you would also like a kitchen scale you can find our top list here.

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