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Too busy? Here is the Best Digital Pocket Scale for 2021

LanSheng Digital Pocket Scale – 200g capacity, 0.01g precision, battery-powered, calibration weight, and a plastic cover that doubles as a tray.

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LanSheng Digital pocket Scale

Whether you are on the move, need a scales for the odd occasion where you need an accurate measurement, or want a scale that you can use day-to-day pocket digital scales are perfect for that. There are so many situations where a small digital scale is a lot of help.

That’s exactly why we put together this list because there are so many options available it can be hard to find a really good one that will suit your needs.

If the items that you’re weighing are only up to 10 or 20g then you will be able to get a scale that is more accurate. See the scales at the bottom of this review for the most accurate or check out our list of the best milligram scales.

Many people have several scales to accommodate different scenarios and weight limits. You may have a milligram pocket scale for weighing jewelry, letters, and medicine. Then another pocket scale for use in the kitchen for larger food ingredients and other medium objects that are too big for a milligram scale finally, a bathroom scale for weighing yourself and the family.

Short on time? Here are the Best Digital Pocket Scales

1. Best General Use Digital Pocket Scale – Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale
200g capacity, 0.01g accuracy, battery-powered, fits in your pocket, simple operation, backlit LCD screen.
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2. Best Pocket Kitchen Scale – KeeKit Digital Pocket Scale
500g capacity, 0.01g accuracy, battery-powered, 2 trays, pieces smart counting function, backlit LCD screen, comes in 4 colors.
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3. Best High-capacity Pocket Scale – Tomiba Digital Touch Pocket Scale
3000g capacity, 0.1g accuracy, battery-powered, touch buttons, inverted black display with white digits for easy reading.
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4. Best Milligram Digital Pocket Scale – THINKSCALE Milligram Scale
50g capacity, 0.001g accuracy, battery-powered, calibration weight included, sturdy plastic case, blue backlit LCD display.
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Things to keep in mind when choosing a digital pocket scale

TARE Feature: This just means that if you happen to place your item into a bowl, the scale can account for its weight and simply show you the weight of the item; not the bowl + item. All the below scales are equipped with this feature.

Measurement Units: Make sure to find a digital pocket scale that covers the units that you want. Most pocket scales cover the basics like grams and ounces with the push of a button but if you need a different measurement like carats without having to calculate it then it’s best to find a scale that will cover that unit natively.

Calibration Weights: While not all of them come with it calibration weights can be handy to keep your scale accurate. Usually, the milligram scales come with them by default as they need it.

Features: portable digital scales come with a whole range of different features, some come with covers that double as measurement trays, others have backlit screens or inverted color screens. the most important thing to think about here is what you will be measuring and what features will be more useful. Some pocket scales even come with count functions where they will count the number of objects with the same weight, a very handy feature to have if you are measuring something like beads or something else where you have a lot of items with the same weight.

General Use Digital Pocket Scales

These first digital pocket scales are not super high accuracy but they are perfect for general use. If you just want something small that will work reliably without the need to be calibrated then this is what you are looking for. If you are looking for a small kitchen scale, model making scale, workshop scale, hobby scale, or anything else where you just need a small easy to use scale this is what you want.

Top Pick – Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Digital Pocket Scale

Digital Pocket Scales
0.01gTare, Unit Switching,
Backlit LCD
2xAAA Batteries

This portable digital scale and pocket-friendly digital scale features a black body with stainless steel weighing surface and a bright backlit LCD display. It is Amazon’s choice and is great for home use.

It holds up to 3.5 oz / 100 grams and can measure in 0.01g increments. It can of course weigh in a multitude of different units as well.

It has a tare function to ensure that you can place a container on the scale to hold whatever it is you’re weighing and it will subtract the container’s weight.

It doesn’t come with any calibration weights, tweezers, or weighing trays so this may not be your first choice if you’re a jeweler.

Bad: There may be a slight delay in measurement.

Next Best – American Weigh Scales AWS 600

American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK
Tare, Unit Switching,
Backlit LCD
2xAAA Batteries

This might be the most affordable scale that you can buy. For under $10, you can get a portable lightweight scale with a 600-gram capacity that measures in 0.1g increments, perfect for measuring medicine, supplements.

It has an intuitive design with a 5 digit LED display and 3 button weighing mode control unit that allows for measurements in grains, carats, grams, and ounces.

Although it comes pre-calibrated, there is an optional calibration weight that we highly recommend you purchase as well. It comes with a Tare feature and a 10 yr warranty.

It has over 8K reviews on Amazon averaging out to 4.4 stars so it’s clearly a popular item so maybe we’re being unfair. That said, we couldn’t help but notice that the first reviews that came up on the listing were all negative.

Digital Milligram Scales

Keep in mind that a milligram is 1/1000 of a gram. Really small. Do you really need that level of precision? If so, then just know that, short of an analytical lab scale costing thousands of dollars, most scales won’t be able to reliably measure to that level of precision despite what they may claim. However, they should be able to measure out to 0.1g or even 0.01g.

The first two scales we have here are two with a low capacity, but because of the smaller capacity, they are very accurate. Perfect for jewelry, spices, CBD, or other tasks like reloading ammunition that require high precision at a smaller scale.

How to use your milligram pocket scale

If you need very precise measurements, be sure to measure at room temperature on a flat surface with a draft shield if possible to prevent air currents from altering your readings. Keep in mind that, short of using very expensive scientific lab scales, most scales won’t be able to reliably provide accurate readings under 100mgs/0.1g

WAOW Digital Milligram Scale

precision pocket scale
0.001gTare, calibration, unit switching, backlit LCD2xAAA Batteries

For those who don’t necessarily need a large amount of weighing capacity, but rather a precise and accurate scale good for weighing small items like jewelry, the WAOW Digital Jewelry scale may be just the thing.

It can weigh up to 100 grams in increments of 0.001 grams/ 0.1gn. Now, take this with a grain of salt because typically only lab scales costing thousands of dollars offer that level of precision because typically only scientists need accuracy down to that level.

Design: Nevertheless, it’s equipped with a draft shield to prevent air currents and comes with everything you need: a weighing pan, tweezer, and a calibration weight. Not bad for a very affordable scale.

Features: It has a tare feature to ensure you get NET readings, PCS,  a HOLD function to lock in your weight readings, auto shut off, and can count in any number of units including carats, ounces, and grams.

Capacity: Since it can weigh up to 100g, it could work for even weighing heavier jewelry such as gold and gemstones.

AMIR Digital Mini Pocket Scale

Digital Pocket Scales
0.001gTare, calibration, unit switching, backlit LCD2xAAA Batteries

This is another great choice for jewelers as this small, lightweight scale can measure up to 50g in increments of 0.001g, perfect for diamonds, carats, powder, medicine, nutritionists, and more.

It has a protective lid and a bright blue backlit display and is equipped with 4 easy to operate buttons that allow you to MODE switch between measurement units including carats, grams, ounces, and grains.

It comes with a calibration weight, tweezers, and a container tray. It has an auto shut-off feature that kicks in after 180 seconds to conserve battery life.

American Weigh Scales GEMINI 20  

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale
0.001gTare, calibration, unit switching, backlit LCD2xAAA Batteries

Design: A sleek and stainless steel finish LCD display, 4 easy-to-use buttons, and a protective see-through lid to protect the surface from damage and air current.

It comes with a handy tray for measuring items, tweezers, and a calibration weight for ensuring long-term accuracy.

Features: 4 buttons allow you to control the units of mass, tare feature, and power (on/off)

It can weigh in 1 milligram/0.001g increments (which is doubtful for a non-lab-scale, not to mention a scale at this price) and measures in several weight units: carats, grams, ounces, and grains, allowing you to measure anything from supplements, food, spices and jewelry to medicine and alternative medicine.

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