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Get Accurate Readings with Reliable Digital Car Scales

Are you looking for reliable and high-quality vehicle scales, or race car scales to check your corner weighting or make sure everyone is following the rules for race day?

Here at the Digital Scale Depot we have compared all the options and have found the best ones for you. Whatever your needs we have the right set of auto scales for you.

Vehicle scales come in a few different varieties and have some interesting features that will make some models invaluable for some users.

The car scales in this article range up to 7000 lbs / 3175 kgs, if you are looking for something bigger than this please head to our article on Truck Scales.

Primary Uses for Auto Scales

Auto Scales

Measuring Gross Weight of Vehicle

The primary use for vehicle scales is simply for measuring the weight of the vehicle. This is necessary for a number of reasons, from engineering certificates, to check a vehicle mass for race certification, or changing tire load ratings.

Axle load

Axle Loading is simply the weight difference between a vehicle’s front and rear axles. This can be very useful for a number of reasons but one of the most important ones is for determining tire load ratings and another big one is to determine the handling characteristics of a car. As the distribution of weight in a vehicle is one of the most important factors in handling.

Corner Balancing

Corner Balancing requires a car scale that has 4 weight sensors, one for each wheel so that all measurements can be taken at the same time as moving the car to change the position of the scales can change the measurements. Corner Balancing is used to make sure that the vehicle has an even distribution of mass between its wheels.

This measurement is especially important for consistent handling as an imbalance in the corner balancing can cause the vehicle to be more or less stable when turning left or right.

ProForm 67650 Vehicle Scale System

Car ScaleProForm Vehicle Scale

The ProForm 67650 is one of the most popular models of vehicle scales available online. It is an all-included kit that can be set up easily and used anywhere. It has nice easy-to-connect cables with easy-to-read labels to make use its always-connected correctly. It also has a carry case to keep it all safe and organized.

The ProForm vehicle scale can also be used with any number of its included pads meaning that if you only need to use 2 for a trailer or motorbike that will work perfectly well too.

the versatility and ease of use of this car scales kit make it a perfect option for most people and

Features and What we like

  • Good price
  • Capacity of 5000 lbs / 2270 kgs
  • Accuracy 0.01%
  • Battery-powered portable vehicle scales
  • Easy setup
  • Carry case
  • Long 20-foot / 6m cables

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Longacre Accuset II Car Scale Kit

Car ScaleLongacre Accuset II Car Scale

The LongAcre Accuset II is a great self-contained auto scale, it has great build quality, and although more expensive than the last model it is built strong and will last a long time. With its heavy-duty HiFlex cables and Billet AN connectors, you will not have any connection issues even if the cables or connectors have a car roll over them or someone stands on them.

We really like this model as it has very good build quality and super simple operation. Anyone wanting a great scale that is fast and easy to use should look at getting one of these.

Features and What we like

  • High-quality carry case
  • Capacity of 6000 lbs / 2720 kgs
  • Accuracy 0.01%
  • Battery-powered portable vehicle scales
  • Easy operation with a single button press for most operations
  • Heavy-duty pad connection cables for long life

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ProForm 67644 Wireless Vehicle Scale

Car ScaleWireless Vehicle Scale

This ProForm 67644 Wireless vehicle scale is very similar to the wired model we showed at the top, but it has a few additional features, and if you don’t mind a bit extra cost is totally worth it.

Features and What we like

  • Wireless connectivity to the measurement pads makes for easy and fast setup and pack up
  • Quality carry case
  • Capacity of 7000 lbs / 3175 kgs
  • Accuracy 0.5%
  • Battery-powered portable vehicle scales
  • Easy operation with a single button press for most operations
  • Color-coded pads for easy positioning
  • Direct drive on pads so there is no need for ramps

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Longacre 72613 Computer Car Scale

Car ScaleLongachre car scales

The Longacre car scale takes the digital car scale to a new level by incorporating a tablet to view the results of your tests. This is the only model in this list to have a large display that you can use to display results any way that you want.

Another feature this unit has that the others don’t is the ability to add notes to your measurements and then email them to yourself or transfer them directly to a computer for printing or input to some other data analysis program.

For a larger workshop or race crew where a lot of other computerized equipment is used this is the obvious go-to option.

Features and What we like

  • Large Touch Screen Tablet display interface
  • Semi-wireless connection (wired from pads to control box, then wireless to tablet)
  • Computer connection for advanced functions
  • The capacity is 6000 lbs / 2720 kgs
  • Battery-powered portable vehicle scales
  • Many advanced functions and ways of displaying data

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LW Measurements MRC 2000 Bluetooth Aluminum Race Car Scale

Car Scalerace car scales

The MRC 2000 is a purpose-built option for race cars. With a total weight capacity of 2000 lbs, it can only handle lighter race cars. But with its lower cost and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s great for what it does.

Simple to use with all the basic readouts shown directly on the display. Good cast aluminum pads for great strength, you can’t really go past this one for a simple, cheap, reliable race car scale.

Perfect for use as a go-kart scale or if you are looking for a cheap race car scale.

Features and what we like

  • Simple and straightforward operation
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection from the display to all the pads
  • Capacity of 2000 lbs / 910 kgs
  • Battery-powered portable vehicle scales

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We hope you have found the best car scales for your needs or cheap race car scales if that’s what you are after.

If you are looking for something bigger please check out our other article on Truck Scales.

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