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Physician Scales

Whether you are a consumer looking to get the most accurate readings to track your overall weight, a gym owner, or medical professional that needs accuracy, consistency, and dependability, a doctor s scale could be just the thing.

We have covered a lot of digital scales and they are widely regarded as being better at measuring very small amounts since they can easily display measurements down to the 0.001g level.

Electronic scales calculate weight via electronic resistance fed through a microchip. Balance beam scales on the other hand are comparatively easy to understand. You step on the scale and physically balance the mass of two objects until they have reached equilibrium.

However, for weighing larger items, balance beam scales/doctor’s scales/physician scales have fewer components and moving parts so it’s no wonder they have been the preferred choice by professionals for decades.

Detecto 339 Check Price on Amazon400 lbs1/10 lbs Yes
Check Price on Amazon500 lbs 1/8 lbs No
Health O
Check Price on Amazon 400 lbs 59 x 20 x 7 in.
36.9 pounds

Analog Vs. Digital Scales

As with most things, these scales will require a bigger upfront investment because they are more accurate and reliable, but they will last a lifetime.

Let’s review some of the best physician scales available today:

Detecto 339 Dr Balance Beam Scale

Detecto Model 439 Doctor Balance Beam Scale

Detecto scales are the gold standard and have been used by healthcare professionals for decades, but the Detecto 339 is also good for home or gym use as well. This Detecto Model 439 comes with included height rod and is made of heavy gauge steel to ensure long lasting durability. It has a capacity of 400 pounds, but beyond that you may need to use extra counterweights. It has dual side markings allowing for easy measurement.

The initial setup requires about 10 minutes worth of work with a screwdriver and a wrench, which are often included in the shipment. Once you”ve got it set up however, you’ll never have to worry about it again, save for the occasional recalibration.

Secca 700 Physician Scale

secca 700 physician scale

Another excellent choice suitable for home use, clinical settings or the gym. The Secca 700 has a 500 lb weight limit and accuracy in increments of 1/8 lb. increments. It comes with an included height rod and has a sleek look comprised of an aluminum beam and cast iron base. It also comes with wheels included for easy portability.

There is a 5 year warranty and, judging by the hundreds of reviews on Amazon, you’ll love this balance beam scale for a lifetime.

We have also included three other great choices below. The key differences in physician scales come down to the weight limits, whether or not a height rod is included, and the price. You’re sure to find a model that’s best for you:

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