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Reliable Livestock Scales for Your Farm

Livestock Scales or cattle scales as they also know are very important for many different stages of the livestock supply chain. Whether you are a farmer, a market, or a distribution hub. Livestock scales to measure the cattle that you are working with is very important. Read on to see the top options for cattle scales and what to look for to get the best option.

What type of Livestock Scale do you need, Fixed or Portable?

Choosing the correct type of cattle scale is very important. if you operate a large farm then having a large fixed scale could be the best option for you. But a portable could also be the best option especially if you are load truck at various locations around the farm. Think about when you will be using the scales and if it will be easier to take the scales to your livestock or bring them to the scale.

For distributors and others that are working from a factory or a single fixed location then a single fixed livestock scale is probably best or possibly multiple fixed scales would be the best options for you.

Size and Capacity of Livestock Scales

Picking a cattle scale with the correct capacity is very important. Really this isn’t too hard to do. All you need to do is pick one that has a bit of margin above the heaviest beast you expect to be weighing.

we would suggest going for a larger scale if you are not sure because even though buying a larger scale can sacrifice some accuracy that is usually very small and shouldn’t be a problem anyway. Unless you want to weigh a large range of animals for example a vet weighing a horse and a cat on the same scale will need one with a very large capacity and at the same time a very accurate for the smaller measurement.

Cattle Scales Essential and Non-Essential Features

There are many features you can get with a scale. Some are quite important and should be considered when buying and others are not so important and are nicer to have. Here are some of the top ones now to help you make a choice.

– Livestock Scale Memory

A Memory in a scale is a very useful thing, It allows you to add tag details and other information along with the measured weight directly in the scale for download or printing out later. This saves a lot of time and is much easier than writing everything down manually.

– Computer connection

The ability to connect the scale to a computer is another very important feature especially for larger fixed installations where a scale can be connected to a network and this allows semi-automation of the scale. This can vastly increase the speed of throughput of a business.

– Electronic ID (EID) reader

To further automate the process and avoid human error in recording ID tags, some scales allow you to add an ID tag reader. this further increases the reliability, speed, and level of automation of the system. For large and fast-moving supply chains this feature is invaluable.

– Connectivity

There are a number of different connectivity options for scales and really it will depend on your installation and use if they are useful or not. For some uses a Bluetooth connection will be perfect for others a Wifi Connection will make more sense or if you plan on connecting it to a computer then maybe wireless is not needed at all.

DIY – Livestock Scale Kit

Livestock Scalescattle scales

If you are on a budget or want to build a custom scale with other parts then this is the kit for you. With its heigh 5000lb capacity it is perfect for a larger installation, installed with a bridge or used with a cattle chute.

Specs and Features

  • 5000lb / 2200kg capacity
  • Low-Cost Model
  • Install kit for custom installation
  • Runs on battery or power pack
  • Waterproof

PEC Large Livestock Scales

Livestock Scaleslivestock scales

This is a complete livestock scales with the deck and ramps for either end. Great for someone who just wants a straightforward scale that has everything that you need. Great for all kinds of livestock.

Specs and Features

  • 4000lb / 1800kg capacity
  • 1lb / 0.45kg accuracy
  • Complete with ramps and platform
  • RS232 output for computer connection
  • Completely waterproof

Selleton Ntep Livestock Cage Scale

Livestock Scaleslivestock scale

For a complete setup including an integrated cage, this is the one to go for. This is a very smart model of cattle scale with more features in the display than most other models. Also with the inclusion of the cage, this is a very quick and easy setup that has everything you would need on a livestock scale.

Specs and Features

  • 5000lb / 2200kg capacity
  • 1lb / 0.45kg accuracy
  • Integrated cage for ease of installation
  • RS232 computer connection
  • Waterproof Stainless steel display
  • Runs on battery or power pack

SellEton’s Heavy-duty Livestock Alleyway Scale

This is a great scale with a large alleyway platform and a very smart display unit that has a lot of functionality. This is a very durrable and functional model that will do almost anything you want it too.

Livestock Scaleslivestock scale

Specs and Features

  • 5000lb / 2200kg capacity
  • 1lb / 0.45kg accuracy
  • RS232 computer connection
  • Large 96″ x 30″ platform with 6″ ramps
  • Battery and AC connection
  • Waterproof for durability

We hope this article on the best livestock scales has helped you make a decision. If you are also a gun owner you might be insterested in this article on the best reloading scales.

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