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Buy a Digital Kitchen Scale That Meets Your Needs (And Budget)

A digital food scale really is one of those essential pieces of equipment that should be in every kitchen. Whether you are counting calories or not a kitchen scale really is essential. Recipes need scales to make sure your mixtures of ingredients are correct and you need to know the overall amount of food that you should cook so you have enough for everyone and not too much that you have leftovers. 

A good quality digital kitchen scale will not only help you balance out your meals better it will help you get the right flavor time after time. It will ensure that your cake or bread rises exactly the way it should. 

There are many different types of digital food scales with many different features, capacities, and accuracies. We have found digital kitchen scales with the best combination of features for a variety of needs so you will be sure to find one here that is perfect for you. 

Kitchen Scale Features

Digital Kitchen scales have many many different features, some more useful than others. Here are some of the top features that we think are the most important, These are the features that we have looked for on all of the scales that we have featured here. They also feature that you should look for if you go to find another scale for yourself. 

Digital Kitchen Scale Capacity

One of the fundamental features of a digital food scale is its capacity, you need one that will be large enough to measure the largest portions of food you will ever need to measure. Generally speaking, the advice for this is to get a scale with a minimum of 5kg/11lbs capacity and this is usually perfect for a normal house. If you need a higher capacity than this then this scale will work in large kitchens or have a very big family, as it goes up to 10kg/22lb.

Digital Kitchen Scale Accuracy

Next is the matter of accuracy. Accuracy for a digital scale refers to the smallest weight that a scale can measure. This is important for several reasons because if you need a scale to measure herbs for example then a scale that will only measure down to 1 gram is not really accurate enough for this.

On the other hand, if you just need a food scale that will measure vegetables and meat then one that has accuracy down to 1 gram would be fine for that. If you are looking for a kitchen scale in grams then most of the scales we have on this list will do the job for you. 

If you need a scale capable of measuring down to the milligram then we have another list of the best precision digital scales here.

Cleaning / Waterproof

We think this is a very underrated feature in digital scales and we think that almost all digital food scales should have it. It’s not that hard these days to make a digital scale that is actually waterproof and this makes cleaning the scale when it inevitably gets dirty very easy. Not to mention protecting the internals of the scale from dust and liquids present in a kitchen like water, flour, spices, oils, and all the other things that seem to get everywhere when you are cooking. 

Batteries and Charging

A lot of digital kitchen scales run on batteries and while this is not really an issue as they do last for a long time with simple batteries there is a much better solution to this. Putting a rechargeable battery in the scale and making it USB rechargeable we think is the best way to go. This means that all you need to do is plug the scales in for an hour to charge it up and you are good to go for months of operation.

This is much better than the alternative of having to buy or find batteries that are also harmful to the environment. Internal rechargeable batteries and a simple USB connection really are the way to go for any kitchen scales and any small digital scales in our opinion.

Best Digital Kitchen Scale

If you are looking for the best digital kitchen scale available right now then go no further than this one. It has all the features we have listed above, it looks good, and it is relatively cheap. 

This food scale will serve you well for many years to come and you will never have to worry about finding batteries for it as all you will need to do is charge it up via USB.

It’s also super easy to clean as the top surface is waterproof and can safely be wiped down with a wet cloth.

Visson Digital Kitchen Scale

best food scale
8 kg
18 lb
1 gramTare, Unit Switching,
Invested LCD, Water resistant for easy cleaning.
USB Rechargeable
Li-ion Battery

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Best Nutrition Scale

If you have a medical condition where you need to track your nutrition or want to track your nutrition to help you be healthier or lose weight then a food scale really is essential. 

Trying to eat healthy?

But tracking nutrition with a simple kitchen scale can be a daunting task, needing to measure each ingredient of a recipe or a meal then find all the nutritional information about it, calculate all the volumes for each nutrient, and add them all up for your meal is a mammoth task. This is where nutritional scales come into it. But by programming into the scale the type of food that you are measuring and taking the measurement the scale will simply display all the nutritional information for you directly.

This makes meal tracking and nutrition straightforward allowing you to manage your diet much easier. Overall this increases your chances of success in managing your diet because most people actually fail while following their diet because tracking their food intake just becomes a major process and they don’t keep up the effort. This and cravings for chocolate and junk food that is, but we all get these cravings.

Visson Digital Kitchen Scale

nutrition scale
5 kg
11 lb
1 gramAutomatic nutrition calculator and tracking, 10 year warranty3xAAA Batteries

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Waterproof Digital Kitchen Scale

If you have kids or you know to be a bit of a messy cook and want to make cleaning up as easy as possible when you are done cooking then you can’t go past this scale. It is a relatively unique model as unlike the others on this list that can be wiped down with a cloth for cleaning, this scale can be completely submerged for cleaning. So you can drop it in the sink with all the other washing up and wash it completely with soapy water.

This is great if you want to be able to clean up quickly and amazing if you have kids, you never have to worry about them spilling something on the scale and killing it, or having them wash the scale in the sink by accident. Also makes it super easy to wash the scale off while you are cooking by simply running some water over it while cooking.

Ozeri Touch Waterproof Digital Kitchen Scale (Washable and Submersible)

waterrproof kitchen scale
5.2 kg
11 lbs 7 oz
1 gramCompletely waterproof, Backlit LCD, Touch control3xAAA Batteries

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Herb Scale

While this can be the same as your kitchen scales if you find yourself wanting to accurately measure some herbs, especially if it is something very small then you might need another smaller more accurate scale for that job.

The best kind of digital scale for herbs is one that is quite accurate but easy and fast to use, it should also have a container for you to put the herbs and spices in so you can measure them easily. 

We recommend the “slddfjslfj” because it has all the features you would want on a small herb scale. Easy and fast to use while being perfectly accurate for any herbs or spices that you might want to measure. So that when you are in the middle of cooking a meal and quickly need to measure out the perfect amount of a herb this will be the perfect unit for the job. 

KUBEI Upgraded Kitchen Scale

herb scales
1000 g
2.2 lb
0.01gTare, Pcs counting,
Backlit LCD
Internal Li-Po Battery
USB rechargeable
2xAAA Batteries

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High Capacity Digital Scales

If you are working in a professional kitchen, you have a very large family, or you work in a camp, maybe you are a baker or do any other kind of cooking in large volumes then a kitchen scale with a large capacity may be exactly what you are looking for.

It saves a lot of time to simply be able to measure out your ingredients in one large batch or even 2-3 large batches rather than having to split it up into a bunch of smaller measurements to make sure you got the right amount.

This is where this scale comes in, with its high capacity it will make life easy in a kitchen where size matters.

KOIOS Digital Kitchen Scale

high Capacity digital kitchen scales
15 kg
33 lb
1 gramHigh Capacity, Backlit LCD, 6 switchable unitsUSB rechargable
2-3 month battery life

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