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Best Analytical Balance

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U.S. Solid Analytical Balance Scale

We have reviewed many digital scales that claim accuracy down to the 0.001g level. Measuring to that level of precision with reliability is probably not feasible for most budget scales that we have reviewed however, despite the manufacturer’s claims.

If you do indeed need that level of granularity and precision because maybe you’re a chemist, nutritionist, or other professionals where every milligram counts, then you need an analytical scale ( often called lab scales).

These scales are designed to measure sub mg level mass. They typically come with a draft shield to keep air currents away and a measuring pan to hold the item(s) being weighed. Ideal conditions call for room temperature readings to minimize air convection, a flat level surface and may call for multiple readings to ensure consistency.

The actual science behind the way they measure mass is interesting as well. Rather than weighing mass directly, they essentially measure the amount of force that would be necessary to counter the mass that is being weighed.

There are additional considerations and features such as electromagnetic calibration and computer connectivity, but there’s a good chance that you may already know all about this if you’re in the market for an analytical scale.

Torbal AGZN120 Analytical Balance 

Torabl agzn120 analytical balance

The Torbal AGZN120 is we a well-designed analytical scale designed to measure down to the 0.0001 gram level. In addition to weight, it can measure density.

It has a host of high-end features including % weighing and parts counting and can measure in a number of different units such as carats, grams and pounds.

It has a clear and transparent accessible chamber, sturdy metal housing, and comes with a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind.

U.S. Solid USS-DBS8

U.S. Solid Analytical Balance Scale

The electronic USS Solid USS-DBS8 analytical scale is another excellent choice for those who need extreme accuracy. It has a capacity of 200g and can measure in 0.1mgs plus or minus 0.1mg.

It has a 90mm pan equipped to measure any number of items, a draft shield and a bright blue LCD display screen that displays the measurement in either carats, ounces, grams and more.

There is the ability to connect to a computer to facilitate serial data exchange between components as well.

200×0.001g 1mg Digital Analytical Balance Precision Scale for Laboratories

200×0.001g 1mg Digital Analytical Balance Precision Scale for Laboratories

For those of us who really need to get the accuracy down when under 10mg this is going to be just about the only option. This is a lab grade scale, meaning it’s a very, very accurate milligram scale, i.e, made to make sure that your measurements are ultra-precise (see full specs). Unfortunately, of course, you’ll definitely see it in the price differential.

You’ll have to let it warm up a bit to make sure that you can take advantage of that superb accuracy however. If you’re willing to spend the money, though, the only thing you need to know is that this is the best that money can buy without short of spending thousands of dollars. And if you’re spending thousands of dollars, you don’t need advice from this article to fulfill all your evil scientist dreams. For the rest of us, however, this is among the best milligram scales regular mortals can buy.

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