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My Weigh iBalance 2600 YT – TableTop Precision Scale


The My Weigh iBalance 2600 is a top of the line scale that provides both long term durability and extreme accuracy.


It’s made of stainless steel with durability so good that it’s backed by a 30-year warranty. It has a large and easy to read bright backlit LCD display and ample space for weighing any number of items.


The My Weigh 2600 can support up to 2600 grams / 91 oz. and measures in increments of 0.1 grams.


Measurement Units: It’s able to weigh objects in several different units such as pounds, ounces, carats, grains and more.

Tare: It has a tare function of course, which again, can subtract the weight of any bowl or tray (which is included) you use to put the ingredients or objects. This also supports a counting feature.

The Bad: The only minor flaw we could find with the My Weigh iBalance is the fact that there is no Hold feature. Basically, for objects that may take a long time to weigh, the Hold feature ensures that your weight reading will persist for as long as you need it to.

Technical Specifications

  • Rather than using multiple sensors, it uses a 26000 division load cell providing commercial level accuracy.
  • Auto zero tracking
  • Compensates for temperature changes with an integrated thermistor.

Power: Takes 6AAA batteries and there is an auto shut off feature to help conserve battery life.

Full Feature List:

  • Stainless steel platform and green backlit LCD display
  • Capacity: 2600g/6lbs x 0.1g increments, 0.005 oz.
  • 26,000 Division HBM Sensors
  • 8 Weighing Modes: g, oz, lb, ct, gn, PCS, dwt.
  • Battery or AC adapter
  • Calibration
  • Tare
  • Count
  • Dimensions 7.5 x 5.8 x 1.7 inches
  • 30yr warranty

Our Take

Bottom line, My Weigh is known for making great long lasting products and they put their money where their mouth is by offering a 30 yr warranty on this solid feature-packed consistent and reliable.

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