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Moisture Analyzers

We have covered the Best Analytical Balances and we thought that it would be good to compare the best moisture analyzers/moisture balances. These very dedicated and specific machines usually measure down to a level of around between 1 and 10 mg of readability.

They usually come with several drying programs that can be adjusted for more specific drying patterns depending on your needs. Most of the moisture analyzers on the market go down to an allowable moisture content of 1% to 0.01%

All of the moisture analyzsers we have featured here use the LOD or loss on crying method via heating elements or halogen lighs.

What you should be considering when you go to buy a moisture balance is the accuracy that you will need. Also if you need to connect the unit to a computer for more indepth analysis of the data some of the models below support that feature.

Torbal BTS110 Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzers

The Torbal BTS110 Moisture Analyzer is a well-designed moisture analyzer. it comes with a heating coil that will go up to 160C. It is designed for general use with 4 pre-programmed drying modes but has USB and RS232 connectivity to allow more specific programming with a computer.

The data connections allow two way transfer of data alllowing recording of measurements on a computer for graphing and importing to other applications.

It has an accuracy that goes down to 0.01g this allowes measurements of smaples with a moisture content of 1%. It comes with a graphical LCD display allowing you to display graphs and other data directly on the moisture balance.

Ohaus MB27 Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzers

The Ohaus MB27 Moisture Balance is a very accurate machine. With an allowable moisture of up to 0.01% or 0.001g it can measure the moisture content very accurately.

It comes with very simple operating parameters, you just use the controls on the front of the machine to set the drying parameters and it will do the rest.

It also feature a large 90g chamber, that is also easy to clean. For this reason this is a great model for any kind of moisture measurements that you need to take. It is focussed primarily on repeat regular testing to allow this to be as fast and easy to do as possible.

The only major drawback we saw of this model is the lack of any data connections for analysis on a compter as well as the lack of a graphical interface to display this data on the display. But if you want something easy to use, very accurate and reliable for day to day operations this is the one to go for.

U.S. Solid USS-HMA01 Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzers

The USS-HMA01 Moisture Analyzer is a great all round option that is a bit cheaper than most other moisture balances on the market. It has a good moisture readability of 0.1% and down to 0.005g precision.

It has a 600W halogen drying element to allow for very fast drying, and includes an RS232 port for interface with a computer. Although a USB would have been great at least you have the option as some other models don’t include it.

It has several different drying and finishing modes aswell as 16 programmable modes for more specific tasks.

Torbal AGS60 Professional Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzers

The Torbal AGS60 has very fast 250W halogen heating that can go up to 250C. This is a very capable moisture balance capable of a readbility of 0.01%. It has a full metal body for more rugged envidonments and comes with 4 drying modes on its easy to use interface.

This model also comes with a USB interface cable for data analysis on a computer and is completely configurable.

It also includes a graphical display that can show graphs and other data directly on the unit without the need for a computer.

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